Why the Rest of the World Should Care About Innovations in Africa

Why the Rest of the World Should Care About Innovations in Africa

About Africa and Innovation

Civilization was reportedly started from Africa, but that feat is yet to be proven. One perpetual example of a developing nation is Africa; this made the developed societies to look at Africa in disdain; thus, needs sympathy. However, Africa has lots of potential yet untapped that should draw the attention of the world to Africa. This article titled “why the rest of the world should care about innovations in Africa,” could be rephrased “why Africa should be an innovative case.”


I will be looking at the many opportunities that Africa has, which the world have been paying less attention to. Although I must admit that there are lots of irregularities that are depriving Africa, the attention, but the more obvious is leadership, socioeconomic, and political challenges. Hence, innovative opportunities, as provided by the mentioned challenges, could balance the odds in favor of Africa.


As there are many challenges, there are innovations that solve these challenges. The Africa case is not different. I am discussing why the rest of the world should care about Africa, as you stay tuned.

African challenges as a nation need innovation.

In Africa, you will understand that there seem to be more challenges than solutions, but those are hidden innovative cases that the world should tap. The following will buttress my points;

  • Africa has a young population, which is a signal of growing innovation.

The average age of Africa is 20 years, which shows that there is hope, as the youth are known to be energetic, and are the leaders of tomorrow. However, very little can be done without a sound support system through innovation in place.

I am calling on the world to care about how to use this young talent to drive innovation in the continent as the future is bright.


  • A growing population to sustain innovation.

In a world population of 7.713b, Africa, according to WorldMeters, has a 1.312b. The above statistics suggest that Africa is 17 percent of the world population. If you studied the successive years’, you will understand that Africa grows by 2.53 percent average yearly.

A growing population means an increasing need for the people, especially in Africa that suffers housing deficit, infrastructural decay, institutional decline, security issues, among others. 

I am suggesting that the world should take advantage of the housing deficit to create innovative estate solutions, the failing power, to invent stable power innovation, use technology like Blockchain, AI, etc. to curb rising corruption and strengthen the various institutions. 

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  • Untapped resources: minerals, human resources, and so on.

Africa mines gold, crude oil, limestone, diamond, and so on, but you will be amazed that they export almost all their raw materials in exchange for refined products.

Innovations in mining, exploration, farming. Etc. are what the world should invest in Africa to maximize profit.


  • Instability in institutions: political, judiciary, productions, etc.

It is no news that Africa is classified as a failed state because of instability in democracy, production, etc. I assure you that most socioeconomic and political issues of Africa have innovations as the answer. The world should forget about empowering Africa, and invest in Africa innovation and reap the dividend for the good of all.



The populous nature, youthfulness, natural, and human resource, among others, are reasons why nations show visit Africa and reap the blessings. I am making an urgent call for Africans and the world at large to leverage the opportunities in Africa to develop it.



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