Using technology to create a solution to the African problem

Using technology to create a solution to the African problem

The readership I got on my previous article here was overwhelming, take the credits. The response necessitated a follow-up. Hence, technology is Africa solutions. Using technology to create solutions to African problems is crucial. Although there are divergent opinions that the major problem of Africa is bad leadership, It lead me to ask, who are the leaders? If leadership alone is our problem, then we are our problems since we are all leaders at various levels. Using technology to create a solution to the African problem is a way out

Meanwhile, I am not exonerating leadership, but that is not the subject here. Stay put, while I share with you, how Africa can break even using technology.

Turning adversity into opportunity is the scenario of an Africa entrepreneur. What our many challenges demands are creativity and strategy; the duo implies, unique working business model and identifying the oasis in the solutions. If there is financial backdrops, security, hunger, healthcare, deficient infrastructures, women inequalities, among other challenges, what we need is to be innovative and turn the misery into standpoints. Remember that the world will leave us behind if we keep going to the UN, G7, etc. for solutions. My suggestion to you is that using technology to create a solution to Africa problem is our best bet.

Why use technology to create a solution to African problems

The Chinese economy, few years ago, wasn’t what you see today, so as other countries, you know as developed nations. I believe that if they weren’t able to employ technology in policy making, healthcare, etc., they might not have been what you know today. Africa has more natural and mineral, youthfulness, and human resources than most countries. Hence, employing technology to create solutions in Africa cannot be overemphasized.

Technology is for Africa;  cases and measures.

Technology has evolved; we can virtual create a world we want. Africa should create the world they want using technology. I will be citing Blockchain and AI in this article, to buttress my points, although several other technologies should work for Africa.


Bitcoin, an innovative prowess shown by Satoshi Nakamoto, in 2009, is not the only use case of blockchain. If you’re hearing bitcoin for the first time, let me refer you to blockchain and cryptocurrency here, before I share with you briefly how debates have been on. Big companies like JP Morgan, Facebook, Google, and even governments banned bitcoin or cryptocurrency for years. You would be surprised to hear JP Morgan coin, Chinese crypto, Libra coin, etc. The sad thing is that advanced countries are studying blockchain technology to create a solution to problems, while most African nation has not mentioned blockchain.

I’m not suggesting that bitcoin is the solution to financial irregularities as it comes with immense volatility. Hence information currency should be. For the case of simplicity, refer to Item Banc information currency for details, while I advise you to wait for my review on Item Banc Engine.

Instead of high transaction fees, distorting records and bridge of trust, why can’t Africa turn to examine blockchain for a solution? Does it make sense to have many intermediaries that kept delaying process in healthcare, supply chain, etc.?

Those are the questions we need to ask to start using technology to create a solution to African problems.

Artificial Intelligence

Many have dread technologies like AI, with the notion that it is taking our jobs. However, that is the technology of now. We have to know how humans can apply them to solve African problems. A lawyer should understand AI and how it could affect identity, privacy, decisions, etc. The same applies to other professions. Metering, control switches, databases, etc. should get automated to be efficient. Hence, we have to study the technology responsible for knowing how we can use the same technology to create a solution to African problems

Here are measures I recommend to actualize using technology to create a solutions to African problems;


African professionals should be thought the emerging technologies. I had argued that when we did mechanical engineering, we were thought with a principles void of modern technologies. If we must be efficient, stakeholders in various sectors should have events to discuss the ethics and codes of the industry with regards to how technology could affect the same.

When I recommend events, I don’t mean to go and sleep, chat, or take allowance, but to have thoughtful discussions on what changes are needed at various units. An example of an event, I meant is the blockchain for lawyers, event. When I heard about the event, I was glad, because the lawyers will know of blockchain, AI, etc. and how it affects their profession. Every profession is welcomed to hold topics on using technology to create a solution to African problem in their units.

Implementing the outcome of every event.

There’s no qualified engineer, who would make designs and go to sleep. I expect every conference to yield results, such that the dividend will be felt in Africa.

The legislature and policy markers should as well create bills that enable technology working space. By the way, I learned, SEC Nigeria had sitting about cryptocurrency. As commendable as it is, I advise that it should be all-inclusive and should study the blockchain framework entirely.

Building business using technology solutions.

Be reminded that blockchain or cryptocurrency should not be a tool for money laundering. If we must succeed in using technology to create solutions to Africa problems, we must look up to identify those problems and how technology can help.

Below are cases you would judge for yourself if they are using technology to create a solution to African problems:

BMCToken and SisiBox

Every young woman has a menstrual cycle and has to be hygienic and rewarding. The Chairman of BeepMagnet, Dr. Gilead Okolonkwo, through one of their innovations, created a unique loyalty reward system. The system rewards SisiBox users with BMCT. He is on a double mission of solving sanitary challenges and bringing women into the blockchain. I was bamboozled when he mentioned on our chats, how women will earn BMCTokens. I thought how will young women, who would barely know crypto earn tokens, then he made me understand how they had educational packages of bringing women into the blockchain. I was made to know that BMCToken is a multi-blockchain solution with several use cases. If you ask me an example of a blockchain company with a real use case, my answer is BMCT.

Medcera CareAI for Africa

Most African practitioners, including doctors, are abroad. Hence, poor healthcare is one of the Africans problems. The team lead by prof. Ndubuisi identified healthcare challenges and invented Medcera CareAI technology to create a solution to the African health system.

Medcera is a cloud-based electronic health record system, with patient and health professional modules. The AI and cloud device are built to support patients, doctors, and institutions alike.


Report shows that the African population Is proliferating. Worldmeter reported that Africa has 17% of the world population. by implication, nearly one persons out of four person on the globe, is an African. Hence, there is no measure of affordable housing through conventional methods. HouseAfrica identified the problem and built a business around it. The founders, Ndifreke Ikopu, and Nnamdi Uba uses blockchain to remove intermediaries while planning affordable housing around housing deficit in Africa.


An average African finds it challenging to perfect cross-border transfers, Bitpesa identified the problem of cross border remittance and built a business since 2013. They are currently using blockchain to bring a solution.


The lucrativeness of agriculture kept reducing because the various African countries depend on oil and other mines. However, agriculture is the new oil that needs to be refined. Agrikore is using blockchain technology to create a solution to African problems in marketing agricultural products. They built a marketplace for buyers and seller where the third party is not a decisive factor.


Technology has brought hope to Africa, and we should take measure to harness it. While adopting the various technologies, we should be deliberate in solving problems by creating real use cases like SisiBox, Medcera, etc. To African youths, technology has given us hope, let us arise to use technology to create a solution to African problems; then we will be formidable.


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Thank you for reading.

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At BeepMagnet International Group, we continue to match innovation with Technology. Over the years we have developed use-cases to back up our BlockChain architecture and at this point we are proud to say we are ready for Africa

I am glad to receive your response, Dike. I saw the great work, BeepMagnet is doing.

Dont forget to call us for content creation, research, events and reviews.

Insightful piece. Keep them coming!

Particularly in a continent where our legacy systems face various challenges resulting in a great level of distrust, I always like to say that Blockchain is for Africa.

Blockchain’s ability to distrupt through disintermediation in a trustless manner is powerful. We have seen how cryprocurrencies–the most powerful application of the blockchain so far–is bringing financial inclusion and financial empowerment to all people regardless of race, colour, beliefs, etc.

As we deepen this trust less technology, I expect to see more African projects maximize tokenization to further disrupt every sector and industry–both private and public–helping Africa democratize access to social, political, and economic opportunities the way the most trusted government has ever done. This is why we must own and play in the new decentralized economy without waiting for centralized actors to validate what is already valid.

Thanks for the mention, by the way.

Thank you, Sen. feel free to call us for contents development, research and reviews.

Keep doing great in your Legal practices.

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