Top 6 Blockchain Training Academy

Top 6 Blockchain Training Academy

What the emergence of Blockchain, AI, cloud computing, among other technologies mean to me is a new method of doing things. You would remember how the internet is changing many industries and career options, now; you can be a digital marketer, a publisher, etc. The emerging technologies, as stated above, will do the same to our industries and careers. Without AI, there will undoubtedly be nothing like machine learning; without cloud computing, you would not have chosen GCP, AWS, Azure careers. More so, you would probably not have heard of blockchain developer, smart contract auditor, etc. if the blockchain technology had not succeeded for a decade now. Now you’ve known that technology begot new skills and opportunities, Top 6 Blockchain training academy will be the best bet for you to understand how to leverage the same to advance your career.

Despite the fact that there have been hypes about the various technologies, especially Blockchain, I am confident that it holds value to different industrial practices. Hence, it is your choice to separate the reality from the hypes. Your first step to distinguishing reality from the hypes in Blockchain is to attend certification courses, training and events and relating it to how it could solve your industrial use cases.

I will be sharing the top blockchain training academy where you can learn, get certified and do better in your business and career. There are tens of workshops and training centres where you can learn Blockchain, but I will be more specific by showing you companies that have significant strength in the blockchain technology. Don’t forget that companies like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba, etc. are top tech companies and Coursera, eDex, Udemy, etc. are top online learning centres, and most of them are offering blockchain courses. Nonetheless, I think that if you want to have a deep dive in blockchain technology, you have to attend blockchain training academy where experts will teach you from experience and how they have partnered with top tech hubs like IBM, Microsoft, etc. to solve industrial complications. I will be sharing selected blockchain training platforms where you will have essentials, enterprise, and hands on-demand courses and training.

Learn about Blockchain hereCriteria of blockchain training choices.

I will be using the following criteria to selectthe top 6 blockchain training academy:

Team and platform competence. An experienced team will signify the expertise of each blockchain training platform. These criteria necessitated my choice of United African Blockchain Association, ConsenSys Academy, and Blockchain council, which are founded by Yaliwee Soko, Joseph Lublin, and Chad decker, respectively.

Visions and partners.

The vision of a blockchain training organization will determine how they operate to achieve their goals and the partners will show how effective they would be. There is a specialized Blockchain training academy like InfusionLawyers and GBA, whose aim is to ensure professional application in Legal practice and government organizations respectively.

Location and dominance.

Places like Africa is an innovative case, not a humanitarian case as suggested by Oby Ezekwesili, the former deputy president of the world bank. The blockchain training academy on this category will be on Africa and Nigeria, to be precise. Chimezie Chuta, the founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group, had an intention of using blockchain gamer attention of industries at home and the government. Also, the United African Blockchain Association focuses on training and widening blockchain adoption in Africa.

Blockchain training academy, you need to know.

University of Nicosia, Cyprus.

The institution is a pioneering blockchain training institution since 2013, and they offer Degree programs as B.Sc. M.Sc. and specialized courses in Blockchain. They provide free MOOC and paid certification and degree courses in Blockchain, where you can enrol as a lawyer, accountant, developed, etc.

ConsenSys Academy

You would probably have known or heard of Joseph Lubin, who doubles as the Co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys. The academy started as a technology software company in 2016, before furthering to sponsor and train blockchain enthusiasts in blockchain essentials, and deep dive in the ethereum blockchain development. They sponsor events and programs like ConsenSys academy developers Bootcamp. The ConsenSys blockchain training offers scholarship opportunities and conferences like this and Devcon.

read more about Ethereum Blockchain here

Blockchain training certifications

Blockchain Training alliance

The platform is a blockchain training academy with strategic partners around the globe. Chad Becker, who is the founder, is equipping students with necessary blockchain certification to excel in several application. Some of their partners include but not limited to Sunset learning centre, Blockchain Industry Group, Luxoft, among others. You can check some of the courses available here; Blockchain Training Alliance courses.

United African Blockchain Association.

Yaliwee Soko sees the need for building a transparent African through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Recall that Blockchain proves more transparent among the emerging technologies. The UABA mission includes education, training and skill development, etc. while using train the trainer, Bootcamp, and hackathon to accomplish the aim. The association has a strong partnership with ICON, Cointelligence, BongoHive, PO8, Eleven8, etc.
The chairwoman, Yaliwee, is a Devon scholar, and a very passionate blockchain evangelist who has been featured on CBNC Africa, CNN, and many world-class events, I believe that the team has the resources to drive adoption in Africa while synergizing with local players in the various African countries.

Blockchain Nigeria User Group.

BNUG, as abbreviated, is a subset of Organization of Blockchain Technology Users, started aa a pro-innovation environment for various industries and helping to evangelize the usefulness of Blockchain in Nigeria. The group was founded by Chimezie Chuta, a software developer and foremost cryptocurrency expert in Nigeria. BNUG further collaboration with tech organization like IBM, GBA, FinTechConnector, FintechNGR, etc. to ensure blockchain adoption in the Nigeria space. It is also partnering with IBM to train 1000 developers in Nigeria.
The group, in its bid to advance her blockchain training visions, has been organizing events across the state since 2016. You can check here for the upcoming event on 4-5th October.


Infusion Lawyers’ Senator Ihenyen, an intellectual property and technology lawyer who is knowledgeable in blockchain, and eBlockbuzz’s Kingdom Linus, a blockchain business developer, partnered in July 2018 to introduce ‘Blockchain for Lawyers’ to lawyers who wish to learn about the blockchain and its legal implications.

It’s maiden edition Blockchain for Lawyers 101 was a success and it has received great testimonials from participating lawyers from across Nigeria and Cameroun.

The next Blockchain for Lawyers program moves to Abuja FCT in October with sponsors and partners, including Kurecoin Investment Club, Blockchain African Ladies, Everlaw Foundation, and SiBAN, Nigeria’s blockchain association. If you are a lawyer who wishes to leverage blockchain technology to grow in the 21st century, sign up for the upcoming Blockchain for Lawyers event here.

learn about Blockchain for Lawyers


BlockchainGap is not excepted as they are forming a partnership with various blockchain projects, and events, in research, reviews and publications, to ensure mainstream application of Blockchain across multiple use cases. Moreso, if you rely on general knowledge of Blockchain, you would probably join the hype. I recommend signing up for any of the top 6 blockchain training academy in your region, profession and use case.


Contact BlockchainGap for research, partnership, and reviews. Dont forget to drop your comments and share if you like what BlockchainGap is doing.


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