Blockchain Game Alliance: How It Impacts The Future Of Gaming

Blockchain Game Alliance: How It Impacts The Future Of Gaming

Blockchain game alliance

Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is a coalition of game and Blockchain companies promoting the use of Blockchain technology within the game industry. The rise of Blockchain technology provides a huge opportunity for the gaming industry. Blockchain Game Alliance offers an open forum for members to share knowledge and collaborate on research. The reason for the collaboration is to identify new ways to create, publish, play, and monetize games.

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The Board members of the Blockchain Game Alliance include Ultra, Consensys,, Enjin, Gimbl, B2Expand, Ubisoft, and EverdreamSoft. BGA’s goal is to encourage the adoption of Blockchain technology in gaming by creating awareness about its opportunities. They help create common standards and establish best practices.

The mission of the Blockchain Game Alliance

The coalition focuses on two key missions that will help in achieving their goal. These missions include the following:

  • Creating and raising awareness about how Blockchain games can transform the gaming and game industry as well as improve or disrupt already existing business sectors.
  • Accelerating Blockchain adoption in gaming by overcoming existing barriers through the innovative Blockchain gaming platform. BGA also augment efforts to create actionable industry standards and best practices.

Objectives of the Blockchain Game Alliance  

  1. To encourage the development of standards and share best practices

BGA aims to support research and knowledge sharing in the use of Blockchain games and the game industry. They also recommend standards and best practices that will be effective in the development and use of decentralized technologies. Talking about widespread Blockchain industry adoption and ensuring the further success of the technology across different companies, interoperability is key to achieve that.

  1. Advance public understanding of Blockchain in gaming

Blockchain Game Alliance aims to advance a wider public understanding and awareness of Blockchain games. They look to achieve this through the sharing of insights, benefits, and limits of decentralized technologies. The BGA will serve as trusted experts on Blockchain technology and games for both industry and media outfits. By so doing, they will significantly improve public understanding of the collaboration of Blockchain and gaming. BGA also look to significantly highlight aspirational efforts in the Blockchain games sector.

  1. Provision of an open and all-inclusive platform for engagements and discussions

Blockchain Game Alliance will help to create and support opportunities between members and key stakeholders. This approach enables these stakeholders and members to communicate directly concerning ideas and issues relevant to Blockchain games and the game industry. The BGA aims to ensure that key stakeholders have the knowledge, resources, and the ability to participate fully.

How Will Blockchain Game Alliance Impact the future of gaming

In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in the gaming industry. This is because the world of video games is keeping up with technological developments. Many gaming companies have welcomed the idea of a Blockchain gaming platform. The French gaming giant Ubisoft, best known for the Assassin’s Creed announced that Blockchain technology will be integrated into its games.

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So many Blockchain gaming apps began to emerge in 2014 when players started to make money with HunterCoin and CryptoKitties. Their popularity is mainly the result of the immutable feature of Blockchain technology. This means there is an established trust between all industry “players”, from game developers to game players.

With the coalition of Blockchain companies and the gaming industry, more popularity and profit will surely be achieved. Blockchain Game Alliance has opened a new frontier in the gaming industry and it will greatly improve the industry. By promoting a universal standard in the Blockchain gaming space, BGA is on course to revolutionize the game industry. There is no doubt that it provides a new experience for players and more profits for the developers.


There is no doubt that the rise of Blockchain technology opens an unprecedented opportunity for the game industry. It is for such reason that the BGA is providing an open forum for members to share knowledge and collaborate on research to identify new ways to create, publish, play, and monetize games.





















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