About Us

About Us

Blockchaingap is a platform focused on evangelizing the huge prospects and benefits of Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is currently disrupting and revolutuonalizing industries and it is for this fact that Blockchaingap has come to help the general public understand this technology better in all aspects. Not just to make people understand, but to also advocate for its mainstream adoption.

Our aim is to advance the knowledge depth of the mentioned tech and how institutions could tap into, and harness the same. Bridging the knowledge gap should be the first aid to adoption.

We are doing due diligence to bring qualitative analysis and contents to you at all times

Our Vision

At Blockchaingap, we want to see a world where Blockchain is applied and utilized to improve the livelihood of billions of people across the globe. Currently, cryotovurrency is making the waves but few people are looking into the very foundation on which digital currency is built upon. It is our drive to become the number one go-to source on topics relating to Blockchain technology.

Our Mission

To help drive the mainstream application and adoption of Blockchain technology through our informative and educative publications, Blockchain reviews, and industry research. We want to and will be the leading Blockchain publishing platform in Nigeria, Africa, and the world.

What We Do

We as a team of researchers, writers, and editors here at Blockchaingap has taken it as a duty to provide you with reviews of what is happening in the industry as well provide blockchain enthusiasts an avenue and/or platform to contribute their quota as well. We will also help you and your firms carry out robust research as it regards blockchain technology and its applications across different industries.

Tentatively, Blockchaingap will cover virtually all categories relating to Blockchain technology, and they include:

  • Publications of articles
  • Reviews of Blockchain based platforms and companies
  • Carry out all encompassing industry research
  • Delivery of Blockchain and cryotovurrency news
  • Provide our readers with directory and/or library of information about blockchain
  • Partnering with relevant bodies to drum support for mainstream applications